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New members are welcome to join throughout the year. No experience is required to join. If you are a University of Houston affiliate, please consider joining us at Cougar Kendo.

We take the development and protection of our organization seriously. We thoroughly interview all potential members and only approve of those who are we feel are a good fit and are willing to commit to the practice of Kendo/Iaido.

Before your first practice, all new members are required to:
1) Fill out a membership form and waiver.
2) Pay dues on time. Dues are $60 a month. Discounts are available for children, those who are in school, etc. Please note that the instructors are not paid and the dues go to the Dojo and the education of its members.    
3) Register with the All US Kendo Federation.
4) Undergo training on topics such as sexual harassment and assault.
In addition, a Shinai (bamboo sword) is needed for practice. A basic Shinai may be purchased through the Dojo for $30-40. Shinai purchased elsewhere must be inspected before use during practice.     

Finally, new members are expected to commit to at 3 practices a week and should know how to count 1-10 in Japanese before attending their first practice.

Thank you. Message received.


Vince Lombardi

Visitors are welcome to come practice with us. Please contact us in advance for visiting instructions.


Can I watch practice before joining?

Yes, please contact us and let us know ahead of time. Please check the Dojo page for information on practice times and location.

Do I need to be at a certain level a physical shape start? Am I too old?

No, anyone can start regardless of their fitness level and age. We can also work with you on getting into better shape in general or for specific goals, such as competition.

I’ve read everything on this website, is there anything I can look at in particular to prepare to start Kendo?
It is not necessary for you to prepare in advance for Kendo, but if you would like to, please look at the resources page of our affiliate, Cougar Kendo.


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