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Welcome to The Houston Kenshikan!

The Houston Kenshikan is a non-profit organization that provides high quality instruction to students in the Houston area. The Kenshikan is a member Dojo of the Southern US Kendo & Iaido Federation, a regional federation of the All US Kendo Federation.

We are only Houston Kendo and Iaido Dojo and have recently added Jodo. We emphasize solid fundamentals and personal development. Practices are structured and designed to give members a challenging and positive workout. Students who are willing to work hard and continue a long, outstanding tradition are most welcome. No experience is necessary to join.

New to Kendo and Iaido? Check out this video featuring Kato Sensei, one of the two 8th Dans (highest ranking black belts) in the US. For more information, please look at our pages on Houston Kendo and Iaido. If you are a student or alumnus of the University of Houston, please check out Cougar Kendo's website and Facebook.


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